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About the Tawny Martin Memorial Foundation

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The Tawny Martin Memorial Foundation, Inc. is a 501(c)(3), nonprofit organization founded in memory of Tawny Lynn Martin, killed January 29, 2006 by a drunk driver. “Killed by a drunk driver,” though, is too pat a statement. Tawny died as the result of an accident caused when a young man, who was otherwise a good kid, made tragic choices that sad morning. He decided to drive after he’d been drinking and drove his truck into Tawny’s car, killing them both.


In the blur of the next few days, caring individuals offered to donate money to a scholarship fund in Tawny’s name. After consideration, we instead decided to accept those donations in support of a foundation in her memory whose mission would be, “In support of the physical, spiritual and emotional well-being of today’s youth.” Thus was born the Tawny Martin Memorial Foundation, which sponsors projects such as:


·         All God’s Creatures, awarding grants to youth for projects which foster a sense of stewardship of all God’s creatures.

·         Drunk Driving Awareness, delivering presentations in schools which educate kids to the reality of, and alternatives to, drinking and driving.

·         Annual Toys-for-Tots toy drives, each year participating in numerous toy drives for the Marine Corps' Toys-for-Tots program.

·         Youth Activity Center, in hope of opening a center for kids to hang out, before and after school, to find the activities they crave to keep them occupied, out of trouble and reaching for the stars.


To find out more about our projects or to schedule a presentation at your school, please don’t hesitate to contact us.